How to participate in iZindaba Zokudla: Mini-Documentaries on your organisation!

Dear Friends of iZindaba Zokudla

We have an exciting programme lined up for the iZindaba Zokudla Virtual Farmers’ Lab in 2021. Please may I use this opportunity to explain to you the process we will use to create a presence for you on our website?

In the real-life Farmers’ Lab on Soweto Campus the “Announcement hour” has proven to be most important for the networking and integration of emerging enterprises with stakeholders and others who can assist in building viable enterprises. We want to preserve, enhance and further develop this opportunity for the on-line environment. Once you are a member on the website, you can create a profile and identity for yourself.

However, you can participate without becoming a member, although we like that and it is free as well!

To enable independent and autonomous networking, we will create a tab for all announcements, and they will be presented as “Mini-Documentaries”. We want participants to create a short 5-6 minute video of themselves that can be displayed on this tab. This will be available for all to see and represents the first step in the process of creating Communities of Practice amongst entrepreneurs, between entrepreneurs and the UJ, and between entrepreneurs and stakeholders in society.

Please note we will not be able to accommodate mini-Documentaries that are longer than 6 minutes. We will be flexible, and please take the following as a guideline. As a guideline, please include the following:

In a text message accompanying your Mini-documentary, please supply us with all contact details.

1 minute: Please describe who you are: your name, and what you do, and, where you are located.

1 minute: Please describe where you want to be in 5 year time should you be very successful.

1 minute: What kind of enterprise, or organisation you are and what you want to achieve.

1 minute: Please describe all the things you do to achieve your aims.

1 minute: Please let us know what you need to progress in what you are doing.

1 minute: Please end the mini-documentary with the most positive lessons you have learnt so far.

This opportunity is available for anyone, both inside and outside the university. Please see the attached for more information on what we at the UJ will be doing to create sustainable enterprises in the food system.

We are busy, as we set up this facility, to create the more involved means by which we will enhance the relationships amongst people in groups. Please accept our invitation to play with the website. This website is a work in progress and we want it to reflect a “grassroots” character and not a polished corporate offering. However, the website will only “work” if we engage with it.

Please also consider engaging our Blog page and send us an interesting message.

The iZindaba Zokudla Facebook page is also open to engagement and please feel free to play with this as well. We are busy integrating all the diverse opportunities for engagement and will explore how to link them meaningfully in the near future.

Please pass along this email, blog or message to those you think will benefit from joining us! This message will repeat on multiple fora.

We thank you for your participation and involvement. We cannot do this without you.

Please upload the Mini-Documentaries to a dedicated Telegram group: This link will enable you to join the group and you can upload from there.

Warmest regards

Naudé Malan

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