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The Convener

Naudé has gained a lot of experience in Convening iZindaba Zokudla.

During this time, he has kept a diary, and this is now being re-written as a “blog” and this is a “virtual” book which will be titled “The Convener”!

This blog aims to not only document what has happened with iZindaba Zokudla, but also to create the right stories and narratives to push for new projects and activities. We would like such stories to inspire people to take up a cause, form a group around it, start taking action, and then, one day, when the time is right, embark on a fully-fledged project and or programme to address the issue. These things have to start small so that those who want to support it, can do so!

Should you want to start such a project or movement, start by posting  in the forum or on the relevant groups on Facebook, or ask us to create such a group for you. Then we can start involving you in the Virtual Lab, the Farmers’ Lab, the Technology Lab and our Business Lab to promote this cause.

Once we are strong enough, we will be able to create a grand project to achieve these aims! Phambili!

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