iZindaba Zokudla – and isiZulu phrase for ‘Conversations about the Food that we Eat together’ – draws many stakeholders together to create opportunities for urban agriculture and emerging and established entrepreneurs in a sustainable food system. iZindaba Zokudla aims to be the preferred innovation platform in South Africa and beyond for the promotion and empowerment of emerging, new, commercial and urban farmers and other entrepreneurs and stakeholders in a sustainble food value system.

To realise a sustainable food system, iZindaba Zokudla encourages the consumption of food produced in or nearby the communities it is grown in. Local food systems need to be carefully blended with global and industrialised production to create a sustainable food system that is ecologically sound, socially beneficial and economically productive.



iZindaba Zokudla aims to enable us to reflect on, take action and protect our food systems so they transition towards sustainability. To do this, iZindaba Zokudla creates opportunities for collaboration for a wider range of stakeholders to transform our food system. Enterprises, collective actions, activism, support and collaboration is necessary to address historical, social and ecological injustices in the food system. iZindaba Zokudla aims to provide a forum and cross-society opportunity for all to network and collaborate to realise a socially beneficial, economically productive and environmentally sustainable food system.





iZindaba Zokudla believes affirmative actions and activities are necessary, amongst a diversity of stakeholders, to address historical, social and ecological injustices in the food system and in society.




iZindaba Zokudla promotes applied research on emergent and small farmers, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, sustainable enterprises and all related aspects of food system change in South Africa.




iZindaba Zokudla provides a platform enabling emerging farmers to construct enterprises that can produce food for local markets as a key component of a locally-based sustainable food system.

iZindaba Zokudla provides a platform for innovation in the food system. We are able to assist in product and enterprise design and in community development that will benefit emerging enterprises, activists and practitioners in the food system.