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Essential Technologies for urban agriculture: 24 June B3 Enoch Sontonga 9am until 1 pm.

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Dear Friends of iZindaba Zokudla.

On the 24th of June I will present an editorial on 19 technologies essential for urban farming (and the list is growing…). This builds up on my previous editorial where I set out a comprehensive narrative on how an urban agricultural enterprise needs to be built (please see: This event will build on this idea of a “liberation agriculture” for urban food enterprises.

The essential technologies are the building blocks upon which an enterprise can be built. This is discussed in a new blog post available at:

We will also host the Agricultural Development Agency (please see: and we are very happy to host them. iZindaba Zokudla will aim to densify and deepen the relationships around urban agriculture and this is a welcome partner in this endeavour!

Please join us in person at 9 am in B3 Enoch Sontonga hall for the iZindaba! You can join on Facebook:

You can also join on Teams and you may also participate through this. Bear in mind I may miss you in the hurly burly of the event if you want to participate online.

I will send out a mass SMS by Monday and I hope to see you there!

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