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Discovering Opportunities in a Sustainable Economy

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

The iZindaba Zokudla Virtual Farmers’ Lab 16 March 2022 1730 – 1900 on Facebook

There are opportunities everywhere in the economy. However, these opportunities are not “made” by the entrepreneur, but opportunities are created by the gaps between the systems in the economy, by the creation of externalities, and by the creation of human needs. Overarching this is the environment, with society (including politics, but also things like culture, settlement patterns) conditioning the opportunities in the economy. In the economy, arrangements like who can gain access to credit, and who “qualifies” also “create” opportunities for entrepreneurs.

In this iZindaba Zokudla Farmers’ Lab we will navigate the opportunities there are for sustainable and circular enterprise development.

Naudé Malan will navigate the macro-environment wherein sustainable enterprises can be created, and Juanita van der Walt will deliver a presentation on the kinds of opportunities once may be able to seize, and the actual kinds of enterprises one could create.

This iZindaba Zokudla virtual Farmers’ Lab is open to all and please watch it on Facebook. Please Click the link:

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