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9 December

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Dear All

Please join us for the last iZindaba Zokudla for the year on the 9th of December 2023. This event is both virtual and in person. We will meet at the University of Johannesburg Soweto Campus Chris Hani road Orlando at 9 am for 930am in B3 Enoch Sontonga Halls. Please bring an ID document or Passport or Birth Certificate to gain access to the campus. We aim to finish by 1pm.

We will conduct a planning and evaluation session of the Nxazonke course so far, in order to upgrade it for 2024.

I will present the course as it has been developed to date, and offer an opportunity to everyone to make inputs. I intend this course to serve urban farmers, and this is how I can make it really useful and appropriate for the challenges they face.

I will be presenting the following topics for consideration:

· The Unique Value Proposition of Urban Agriculture

· Producing from small areas

· Profit from a small urban agricultural enterprise

· The history of and competition in urban food markets

· The informal sector

· Retail food markets

· Global and industrial food production systems

· Urbanisation

· Land and Access

· Sales opportunities for urban agriculture

· Production opportunities for urban agriculture

· Nutrition and urban agriculture

· Sustainable and local development and urban agriculture

· Starting an enterprise

· Enterprise design

· Enterprise and ecological integration

· Enterprise and social integration

· Technology and urban agriculture

· Permaculture design of the farm

· Composting

· Liquid manure

· Intercropping

· Deep trench beds

· Mulching

· Irrigation

· Seeds

· Animals

· Tunnels

· Infrastructure

· Vertical and hydroponic farming

· Aquaculture

· Safety and Security

· Social Media

· Retailing

· Distribution and Logistics

· Events

· Community benefits

· Land and access to land

· Product and service design

· Launching your enterprise

· Grading your produce

· Food for wastes exchanges

· Customer experience

· Design your shop

· Signage

· Presentation and packaging

· Record keeping and analysis

· Social media integration

· Loyalty programmes

· Bulk selling

· Tuck shops

· Engagement methods

· Engagements and partnerships

· Financial management

· Auditing

· Profits

· Valuation of the enterprise

· Contracts

· Registration

· Enterprise forms

· Formal Compliance

Additional questions we may deal with include:

How can urban farmers and emerging entrepreneurs use the services the university can offer?

How can we develop a service learning opportunity to link students and emergent entrepreneurs?

What do emerging entrepreneurs need from the university and university students?

The event will be designed so anyone can contribute to this list. The new suggestions will be integrated into next year’s offering and also considered for the Short Learning Programme and book that is on its way.

I look forward to seeing you there!

To join via Facebook, please click this link:

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