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5 Nov

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Please join us for the next iZindaba Zokudla Farmers’ Lab on 5 November in B3 on our Soweto Campus. We will meet at 9 am and gather until about 2 pm.

Please excuse the short title above. I need to keep it short to accommodate the SMS system...

Please also bring an ID document, Drivers or Passport to gain access to the campus.

I have confirmed three of the leading urban farmers in Soweto for this event.

Greg Mkhize from Siyoyisle Indlalala farm in Protea Soweto will deliver a presentation on the changes they have made to their farm recently. He featured in a blog posting ( on this site and please take a look!

Tshepo Mboweni is a leader in the Gold Soil company that farms in Soweto and Walkerville. They are a large group of farmers and are well organised and we look forward to hearing from them.

Mr Tim Abaa needs no introduction, and he is a leading farmer from Orange Farm. He has trained very many people and on this day we will listen to him and some of the farmers he has trained.

We can learn a lot from how these farmers have constructed their enterprises. These farmers are trading in significant quantities, and what they do may serve as a model or example for others to follow. We will aim to gain as much insight from them so we can spread the best practices amongst others.

To participate, please note the following options:

Bring your ID, drivers or Passport to UJ Soweto and go to B3. We start at 9 am.

You can view the proceedings as we stream to Facebook and follow this link:

You can view and participate on MS Teams:

I look forward to seeing you there!

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