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19 Aug B3 UJ Soweto 9:00

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Dear Friends of iZindaba Zokudla.

Please join us on the 19th of August for iZindaba Zokudla: Product and Service Design for Urban Agriculture.

Please see the editorial which will be presented on this day:

We will meet at the Soweto Campus of the University of Johannesburg at 9:00 for 9:30 and gather until 1300 in B3 Enoch Sontonga Halls.

Please bring a form of identification with to gain access to the campus.

We will have two community-based guest speakers as well as the People’s Announcement Hour.

I will end the day with a workshop as part of the course” Nxazonke” on Product and Service Design for Urban Agriculture.

So far this year we have had 3 detailed workshops on urban agricultural enterprise development. In all three we had more than 100 attendees, and I SMS the details of these event to more than 3000 phone numbers. These detail and propose an enterprise model that tries to integrate agro-ecological production, with appropriate technology, enterprise development and community engagement. This course is a creative but strategic offering that aims at key opportunities and market failures in the food system. I am trying to set the basis for enterprises that build food production on the ecological processing of urban biowaste and manage this through local level community engagement.

No-one would know if these suggestions have any merit, and the idea is to workshop such opportunities. This is also why we have a people’s announcement hour, and also invite commercial traders and other farmers to share their wisdom. However, I am led by a number of key farmers whom I mentor and visit regularly. I also have been keenly interpreting what is happening with some social theory, and this includes reference to social capital, Public Innovation Laboratories, Action Research Actor Network Theory, Historical Materialism and a critique of modernity. I am nevertheless not able to take credit nor responsibility for what others do, and the material I need to reflect and act upon is manufactured by others.

However, this course is a means of engagement that helps with building an interactive community around the development of urban agriculture. To build enterprises we can both focus on the minutiae of the enterprise, operations and systems, and/or on the networks, dispositifs, and social scaffolding behind it all that makes enterprises at all possible. A innovation lab or iZindaba can do both.

Please join us and be on the lookout for the next chapter in the series that will eventually make up the material that will constitute the Nxazonke course.

The Facebook Event is available at:

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