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Registration, Compliance and finance

Updated: 6 days ago

Dear All

Please join us for the next delivery of Nxazonke – a course in circular enterprise development – on the 23rd of September at 9:00 am for 9:30 am in B3 Enoch Sontonga Halls, UJ Soweto.

In this delivery, we will be discussing the formal requirements for starting a business. This will be relevant to many in very diverse sectors and all are welcome. We will be discussing the forms of enterprise relevant to urban agriculture (and all other enterprises), how to plan your registration, how to stay compliant, what you need to register any business in South Africa, and also how you can do the most basic financial calculations for your business. We will show you how to find out if you are indeed making money.

Please see the blog with the long editorial that sets out the basic information you need to start and register a business, and to stay compliant. This will also set out how you should approach your own finances and we will show how to work out if you are making any money!

Please see the editorial for Saturday 23 September at:

To participate through Facebook, click this link:

To participate through MS Teams, click this link:


Here are the Slides for this day's editorial:

Enterprise forms, compliance, registration and finance
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