To be a leading Technology Station that stimulates and supports technological innovation in a vibrant green economy towards equitable socio-economic success


Providing technical oriented enterprise development support in the water, energy and environment sector through appropriate technological innovations in order to develop sustainable socio-technical systems

Applied Research Focus Areas


•Renewable energy solutions

•Energy efficiency

•Waste to Energy conversion

•Energy micro-Grids / Mini Grids

•Energy Storage


•Water quality and quantity management

•Water filtration, treatment and purification


•Waste management and optimization

•Air Quality Management

•Environmental efficiency

Products and Services

Support SMEs in the green economy by providing engineering services

•Test and analysis services relating to:

-Air Quality Auditing

-Energy Auditing

-Biofuel laboratory testing and analysis

-Waste Characterization & Formulation

-Water Testing and Analysis

•Environmental Impact Assessment

•Engineering Consultation

•Technology audits and feasibility studies

•Applied Research & Development and engineering design services

•Product and Process Development, Improvement and Optimisation

•Technology Research and Development

•Prototype development and Assembly

•Technical Training and Demonstration


You need to own your land or lease the land. In case of a lease we need to see the contract to decide if you are eligible. We do not directly support NGOs/NPO, but entrepreneurs that are supported by NGOs/NPO.

For further information contact:

Katharina Gihring

Process, Energy & Environmental Technology Station, University of Johannesburg