UJ-PEETS is involved in different projects which all link back to recycling and reusing materials. One of the projects was the creation of a bike trailer for one of the recycling businesses in Soweto. This trailer made it possible for the business to transport big quantities at low cost and also increase the mobility.


Other recycling projects, which are not linked to farming, but are crucial for economic growth and environmental conservation is the engagement with the Southern African E-Waste Alliance (SAEWA) to build capacity for the electronical waste sector, which is the fastest growing waste stream in the world and needs urgent attention to be managed in an environmental and social sound way. At the same time this sector is able to provide new decent green jobs.


UJ-PEETS is engaging and working with partners form various governmental departments, institutions, and across disciplines and universities to come up with context specific solutions to enhance the capacity of SMEs. UJ-PEETS is funded by the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) through the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI). There are 17 other Technology Stations, with a different focus such as textile, product design, tooling sector etc, operating in South Africa. We are able to link you with suitable partners and other Technology Stations, if we are unable to assist.