Opportunities in a sustainable economy

Sustainable Enterprises

We will start our investigation and development of circular and sustainable enterprises by looking at two case studies.

Why is it that smaller enterprises do not succeed?

Can it be due to a mismatch between the value the enterprise creates and the needs of society?

What will happen if we conceptualise the creation of value in an enterprise as the same as creating social value?

Will we not then find the way to dovetail or converge the development of the enterprise with the development of society?


Please take a look at the material below to see how this can come about.


The Compost Kitchen

The first enterprise is The Compost Kitchen that started operating in Diepsloot in the North of Johannesburg. The enterprise developed technology to safely dispose of food waste and is re-selling this back to gardeners in the community. Since then a number of new products have been developed. Please take a look at the website to see what they have been doing and note how payments, processes and products are sequenced.


Patagonia was the first self-declared sustainable enterprise. Yvonne Chouinard, a mountaineer, built this organisation after he designed and developed the first modern rock-climbing equipment.

Patagonia not only makes sustainable – or rather recyclable, repairable and renewable clothing, it also designed its production processes so that workers benefit (and after that, the company).

We are primarily looking at these companies to see how product design is integrated with the processes in the company and the creation of value in society.

Please take a look at how these integrated processes p[lay out to realise high value for the company, for workers and for society.


The key reason for taking a look at these companies is to see how the development of social value can lead in building a profitable enterprise.

Readings (Please ‘click the link’)

Case Studies of Sustainable Enterprise:

Compost Kitchen:



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Tom and Jerry 2021 “What makes Patagonia a world leader in sustainability“ available at:


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